What drives Qoro Quando is our desire to create high quality choral music together. A passion for singing and a will to improve binds us together and creates a unique and versatile choral tone. Qoro Quando is an ambitious but still relaxed community that is unafraid of taking on new or challenging pieces.

In recent years the choir’s repertoire has expanded to include more challenging pieces, especially with regard to classical music, while retaining an entertaining aspect. The choir is able to perform at a wide variety of occasions and with a versatile collection. The choir’s repertoire includes, among other things, Nordic choir music from different eras, pieces from the Russian romantic period, North American new choral works, and stylish arrangements of hit songs from multiple decades.

Qoro Quando’s development is the result of determined work. The choir regularly participates in international choir competitions, each time preparing specifically for the occasion. Thanks to this commitment and engagement, Qoro Quando has achieved gold medal level in all the competitions it has participated in since 2011: the Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival in Austria 2011, the World Choir Games Choir Olympics in Latvia 2014, Tampereen Sävel 2015, and most recently the Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival 2017, where Qoro Quando won the chamber choir category and achieved gold medal level in the spiritual music category. Queens of Qoro Quando, which is comprised of the female singers of Qoro Quando, won the female choir category and the Grand Prize for the entire competition.

Currently, Qoro Quando and Queens of Qoro Quando are preparing for the Grand Prix of Nations & 4th European Choir Games in Gothenburg and Tampereen Sävel in summer 2019. Other interesting projects are also underway, such as, for the first time in its history, Qoro Quando has commissioned new compositions and arrangements from outside the choir, the first of which will appear in the JouluQ Concerts of 2018.

Chamber Choir Qoro Quando was founded in 2001 and Master of Music Jori Männistö has been the artistic director and conductor since 2008. Vocal Pedagogue Margit Tuokko provides vocal training to the choir, and, as an occasional special project, Tiina Iisala, member of the International Federation of Actors, trains the choir in performance skills. Master of Music Emma Kuntsi is the conductor for Queens of Qoro Quando, which was founded in 2016.

Jori Männistö

Jori Männistö

Choir Director and Master of Music Jori Männistö has been leading Qoro Quando since 2008. The spark of choral music came to light in the heart of Jori Männistö in the middle of Northern Ostrobothnia in Pattijoki in the 80s, when he sang in the secondary school choir that his father founded. From Pattijoki his path went through the Oulu Madetoja Music High School onward to Helsinki to the Sibelius Academy. There Männistö began his studies in music theory. In addition to his major, Männistö also studied choir conducting from the beginning. After completing his Bachelor’s degree recital in choral conducting, Männistö changed his major, completing his master’s degree in the choir conducting program in 1997. He then went on to serve as choir conductor for several choirs.

Over the years, Qoro Quando has been shaped by his leadership and he has helped to mature the choir’s sound. The choir appreciates Männistö’s versatile, in-depth musical experience and knowledge. Choral works are approached under the leadership of Männistö with each specific work in mind – the different genres are considered and the choral tone is adjusted as required for each piece. Männistö, in turn, appreciates Qoro Quando’s expressive range and the flexibility of its choral tone. While routine practice has produced a robust and developed sound, Qoro Quando has retained its airy lightness.

Emma Kuntsi

Emma Kuntsi

Emma Kuntsi has led the Qoro Quando women’s Queens of Qoro Quando choir from the year of its foundation in 2016. Kuntsi is a versatile musician, music pedagogue (BSc), and Master of Music. Her dream is to earn a choir conducting degree. Kuntsi has sung in Qoro Quando since 2004 and has also been in the choir board which she is currently chairing.

Margit Tuokko

Qoro Quando’s vocal formation has been systematically refined since 2013 with the vocal pedagogue, opera singer, and Master of Music Margit Tuokko. Tuokko is responsible for the vocal maintenance of the choir and guiding the development of a shared sound through different exercises. In addition to the choir exercises and the camps, the members of Qoro Quando go to singing lessons with Tuokko.


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